Unived RRUNN Pre Energy Sports Drink Mix, Instant & Sustained Energy, Orange Flavour, 21 Servings


At the beginning stages of your activity, along with instant energy, you also need a sustained energy source to avoid spiking and dropping. RRUNN Pre is a blend of Dextrose, a simple, 100 GI carbohydrate and Isomaltulose, a complex, 32 GI carbohydrate. Dextrose breaks down quickly and is rapidly absorbed by the body to give you an instant burst of energy. Isomaltulose breaks down slowly to release gradual, prolonged energy that lasts for up to 120 minutes of your activity. With RRUNN Pre, once you surge ahead, you stay on top without dropping.  RRUNN Pre is vegan, natural, gluten-free and can be pre-mixed before an event.


Ingredients/  Main components:

Non-GMO Dextrose, Isomaltulose, Citric Acid, Orange Flavour


Product Benefits:

Instant energy; Balanced, prolonged and sustained energy; Non-spiking; Easy on the stomach - no bowel problems; Can be pre-mixed before the event; Natural, vegan, gluten-free


Dosage and Direction ;

Mix 2 scoops in 8 oz (235ml) of water & consume 1 serving 15 minutes before your activity & every 120 minutes



Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children



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