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1. Zago in 3 words.
   Healthy, Delicious, Convenient.
2. How did we come up with the idea of Zago?
   Everybody today wants to eat healthily. But Healthy Food isn't usually tasty nor convenient to access and this is why most people give up on their resolutions to eat healthily.
   I wanted people to be able to eat healthy without compromising on taste, without getting bored of their food, and without having to spend time and effort preparing it or pay exorbitant prices. Voilà, ZAGO!
3. What makes our product special?
   ZAGO's products are for the modern lifestyle - where people want to eat healthy every day without compromising on taste or convenience.
   Healthy ingredients, zero preservatives, delicious flavours, without any preparation time makes ZAGO one of a kind, the result of many years of dedicated R&D. Many of our products are also sugar-free and /or Gluten Free.
4. What has been the best part of our start up experience?
   Understanding the needs of the modern Indian Urban consumers, bringing out products to match these criteria and earning the appreciation and loyalty of our ZAGO customers have been an unbeatable experience.